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How did Bagby begin?

Who are the creators and what's your background?

What is Bagby's WHY and Values?

What does "Digital Wellness with a Human Soul" mean?

I love the Digital Wellness Quiz. How and where can I play?


What makes Bagby different?

What is Bagby doing for a more SUSTAINABLE and "Green" future?

Where is Bagby made?

Do the bagbys fit any phone, size, etc?

What are the key benefits of Bagby?

Is Bagby only for couples?

Is Bagby only for the bedroom?

I already have an alarm-clock or I feel I don't need one. Can I still order Bagby?

Are the Bagby Anti-Phubbing Bands Eco-Friendly?

What is the "Products we love" collection? Do you manufacture the products you feature in that list?

How do you calculate the TOTAL UNPLUGGED MINUTES SINCE JULY 2017?

What kind of finish you use on the clocks?

What's your privacy policy?


Where does Bagby ships?

How do you ship your orders?

How do you ship your items (Materials)?

How much are the shipping costs?

I live outside the USA, will I have to pay additional duties / VATto receive your Bagby.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

I have a problems with my order, what should I do?

I want to exchange or return my Bagby, what's your return policy?

Phone damage and similar