How to win the VitaminWater contest No Phone for a Year

How to win the VitaminWater contest No Phone for a Year

A lot of people are already calling the #NoPhoneForAYear contest, the campaign of the year. We have to say that it's a great bet by water company VitaminWater (owned by Coca-Cola). 

Indeed, the campaign is generating a huge buzz and has already generated about 63,200 results on google. 


Basically, the company offers $100K for people to give up their phone for all of 2019.

How to win #NoPhoneForAYear


You can participate on Twitter or Instagram. 

1) Twitter: During the Contest Period, create a Tweet explaining how you would use your year if you took a break from your smartphone and share it on Twitter including the hashtags #NoPhoneforaYear and #contest (your "Submission").

Your account settings must be set to "public" and your post must remain up through the end of the contest period or they will not be considered. 

2) Instagram: Same rules. 



We saw a lot of interest in this contest and since we have done a lot of research on the topic of digital wellness and smartphone addiction, we wanted to give you a few recommendations, tips and tricks to win the contest #NoPhoneForAYear. 

  1. Take some time to think about.
    A Cold Turkey strategy is not always the solution. Take a breath and plan your strategy. 

  2. Start with the bedroom. 
    Did you know 99% of people sleep next to their smartphones and scroll on social media for about 2-3 hours before falling asleep? The bedroom should be a key area to commit in order to win the VitaminWater contest. Add a silent alarm-clock so you don't use your phone to wake up and therefore you don't bring it to the bedroom. 

  3. Read about the topic.
    One of the best resources to do so is the book "How to Break Up With Your Phone" by Catherine Price. It's a quick and interesting read with only 150 pages of great tips and tricks to overcome your smartphone addiction and improve your relationship with your digital devices. 

  4. Meditate
    The benefits of meditation are endless. Our recommendation is to do a quick 5min meditation every time you feel the urge to post something on your social media profiles. You can download a free app or search for a meditation video on Youtube. It worked great for us.  

  5. Involve your friends. 
    Think about it. You spend a decent amount with friends and you are going to need their support. Tell them to be mindful and don't pull out their phone in front of you. Encourage them to use these anti-phubbing bands so everybody is involved and help you in your journey.  

  6. Leave your phone in a drawer while working at the office
    Remember we spend on average 8-9 hours working at the office. This is a great time for you to avoid distractions and posting on Twitter or Instagram. 

  7. Change little habits. 
    Treat your phone usage as an addiction. We recommend you to change little things as if you were to quit tobacco, sugar, alcohol or any other addictive substance. For instance, set a daily time to go for a run if you want to stop smoking. You cannot run and smoke at the same time. Do the same with your smartphone. 

How to win Vitamin Water contest

We hope these tips and tricks to win the Vitamin Water contest will help you. The journey is arduous but $100K is a big reward. That said, don't focus on the monetary reward but instead on the benefits of unplugging and go social media free for a full year. That's the real outcome!

Do you any other tip to go #NoPhoneForAYear ? Leave your comments below. 

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Juan Sanchez

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