Bagby Minimalist Silent / Digital-Free Alarm Clock White

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According to our research, "99% of people use their phone as alarm-clock, negatively affecting their sleep"Adding a silent / digital-free alarm-clock in your bedroom is the first and easiest step to improve your digital wellness. 

This item is recommended by author "How To Break Up With Your Phone" Catherine Price and has been recently featured on Rachael Ray Show
Embrace digital minimalism with this bedroom alarm clock 100% SILENT. Wood Quartz Analog Alarm Clock with snooze function. No ticking noise or annoying lights for a greater sleep and rest (Sleep hygiene).
Compact in size, it's great for small work areas, bedside tables or kitchen counters.

silent alarm clock

Every Bagby is nicely wrapped and comes with a personal handwritten note. ( We are human )

- Minimalist Design
- Improved / premium silent movement
- Positive message / reminder in the back ("Phone-Free Bedrooms, Mindful Mornings")
- Fine Workmanship
- New cool packaging

Approx. Size of Alarm-clocks. 
Inches: 4" x 4" x 1.8" (L x L x W)
Cm: 10 x 10 x 4.5 (L x L x W)
Material: Solid pine wood from New Zealand. Stained. 

Battery: 1 AA (It last between 18 - 36 months depending on battery brand)
Alarm Sound: Peeping like a traditional alarm clock but very gentle and calm sound to wake up refreshed. 
EMF Radiation Free
No Blue Light
Lightweight, easy to carry 
Fully / 100% silent ( fully guaranteed )
Great both as a bedside and desk clock
Night light button
Snooze Function 
Digital-Free (Analog)
Digital minimalism
Learn more about Why light from digital devices harms our sleep

HAVING SECOND THOUGHTS ABOUT HOW AN ANALOG CLOCK WORK? Don't worry, we have you covered. Check this page to understand how. It comes with examples of times and alarm set. 
The analog world might feel harder at the beginning, but it pays off in the long run.