First Week Flip Phone

Hey FlipPhoner, 

So it's pretty clear by this point: phone in bedroom = bad idea. 

“But I'm going to have a flip phone soon. And flip phones don't have all the social media and stuff. So can't I just use the alarm clock on my flip phone?”

Well... you could... but when old Mr. Smarty Phone is back the next week, will you be able to resist? 


Let's set you up with habits now for the week that will make real life a piece of cake.

Let your phone recharge. Let yourself recharge. But not together. Hang your flip phone up in one of Bagby's bags. Outside the bedroom. And same goes for your Smartphone when it's back. 

“But I have all those readings to complete before class. How'm I gonna wake up early?”

Well, you could, of course, go steal a rooster from the poultry farm three hours away. Or... just get an old school alarm clock. Remember those?

We recommend Bagby's clock since it doesn't tick noisily all the time and looks pretty damn sweet too. 

You can get the bag and the clock together. Then add our special code FLIP20 at checkout. Yes, we love you too. 

Be sure to tell us next week about any changes in the quality of your sleep!