"Let's use this valuable time to reconnect with our families and loved ones"

As a family-run business, we have always felt so connected to and thankful for the Bagby community—in many ways you’re an extension of our own family. For this reason and amid the COVID-19 anxiety and uncertainty, we at Bagby want to help and share some resources to help you navigate this unpredictable time. We see this time as an opportunity to reconnect with our loved ones and learn things that our busy schedules haven't allowed us to.
Regarding our activity, the entire team will work from home and orders will be shipped as usual unless our carriers halt deliveries.  We will keep you posted. 
Since we are aware that for the next 2-3 weeks most people, especially families, are going to spend more time online, we at Bagby wanted to share a SCREEN TIME TRACKER that we have recently developed to keep you safe and mindfully connected. No Apps required, it's 100 tech-free!

Free screen time log for families COVID-19

We continue to monitor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other Federal and State agencies for any developments and updated guidance on the coronavirus (COVID-19). We are continuously assessing risks and are ready to implement immediate changes to ensure the highest level of safety for everyone we interact with.

We've also decided that this is a great time to HIRE people who might be struggling. Check out our OPEN JOB POSITIONS!

By the way, we decided to take this crisis as an opportunity to test something.  We run a HOME EXPERIMENT with the person we love the most: our 14-month old daughter. The outcome is SHOCKING and it reveals the ULTIMATE PROOF about smartphone addiction. Check what happened below:

Screen time covid-19 experiment

Here are some mindful recommendations we would like to share with you:


  • Updated Information On CoronaVirus: [RESOURCE]
  • Symptoms And What To Do: [RESOURCE]

Coronavirus or Flu


  • Enjoy A Tech-Free Meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).
  • Don't Use Your Phone As an Alarm Clock
  • Meditate As A Family At Home Or Challenge Yourself With A longer Meditation.
  • Track Your Screen Time
  • Play A Musical Instrument
  • Do A Review Of Your 2020 Goals And Adjust Them As Needed.  
  • Make A List of Tech-Free Activities that you would love to start. 
  • Call That Friend or Family Member You Haven't Talked To For A Long Time And Ask Them How Are They Doing. 
  • Play Some Tech-Free Games. Here Are Our Favorites


  • Key Facts and Stats about Smartphone Addiction and Digital Wellness: [RESEARCH 1] -  [RESEARCH 2]
  • How To Use Your Phone Screen Time: [RESOURCE]
  • Digital Wellness Trends To Watch In 2020: [TRENDS]
  • Impact of Online Media On Children Aged 0-3 Years Old: [RESEARCH]
  • Tools To Help Parents Keep Kids Focused And Learning At Home: [RESOURCE]
  • Digital Wellness Collaborative Report With Tips From Experts: [REPORT]
  • The “Inconvenient Truth for Tech” By Tristan Harris: [VIDEO]
  • Curated Books About Digital Wellness [LIST]



Juan Sanchez
Co-Founder of Bagby


Please, stay at home, stay safe and feel free to send us message.