Digital Wellness Marketing Consultant

At Bagby we are fully committed with the Digital Wellness / Smartphone Addiction cause so we also offer our marketing and consultancy services to people, entrepreneurs and companies like you. 
Whether in-house or via our freelancer network we can offer you the Digital Wellbeing marketing services you need to launch, improve or optimize your project, brand or campaign. 


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Digital wellness marketing consultant



We have collaborated and guided organizations like: 

Digital wellbeing clients


You are starting a digital wellness project and need strategic advice?
Organizations thrive when people believe and support their work. Our unique approach puts brand purpose at the heart to create meaning and value where it matters most. It's all about relevance.

We are experts both in marketing and digital wellness. This is a combination hard to find in the industry.   


You have a great idea and you need a meaningful brand identify that is able to stand out from the competition?
Relevant projects need more a simple logo. We are committed to develop an ongoing relationship and become your part-time creative support or manage your entire branding as the Creative Director of your marketing department.

Brand Identity Development

  • Custom Logo, Color Palette, Font Creation + Consult

  • Professional Photography + Videography

  • Content Strategy + Copywriting

Print + Digital Marketing Strategy + Design

  • Printed Marketing Collateral, Event Signage, + Product Packaging

  • Website, Ebooks, + Online Advertisement Creation 

  • Social Media / Digital Strategy, Design + Implementation



You project is live but you feel you need to develop and implement that relevant campaign that will bring you awareness, qualified leads or sales?
We can guide you through every step to create, plan, manage and measure your campaign in every channel that is relevant to your brand (Social Media, PPC, Content, etc.)


Your product is ready and now you need to create an ecommerce platform to put it out here so your potential customers are able to buy it?
We offer our expertise in platforms like Wix (beginners) and Shopify. We have gone through the same process so we know what it takes. 

Creation and development of Shopify / Wix Online Stores

Social shopping integration

Recommended Apps and online selling boosters


5- CROWDSOURCING CAMPAIGN DEVELOPMENT (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) 

You have a great idea and you are looking to launch a successful crowdsourcing campaign (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.)?
We have experience creating and managing campaign in all these platforms. A relevant campaign can bring you the funding you need to start. We did it that way and we recommend to start there. 

Creation and development of Kickstarter / Indiegogo page

Go-To-Market strategy 

Crowdsourcing campaign management (emailing, social media, etc.)


Your project is live and is going well but you feel there are areas that could be optimized?
Defining the right metrics and what success looks like is key to achieved that. From focusing to new metrics like ROAS, Frequency, Returning Visitors, etc we can define a measurement framework that will take your project to the next phase. 


Do you manage the Corporate Wellness department or you are an event organizer looking to find an expert in Digital Wellness? 
We are fully connected with the industry leaders and we are a member of the Digital Wellness Warriors Group. Let us know your requirements and we will find you the most suitable speaker. Our CEO Juan Sánchez can be the perfect match. 

Let's talk!