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This was my wife and I before launching Bagby. Look familiar?

In January 2017, my wife and I decided to take our relationship to the next level. We realized that, like many other couples around the world, we were very distracted so it was difficult for us to connect with each other. I suggested a #PhoneFreeBedroomChallenge. No phones, no distractions. Soon after, we discovered the benefits this simple change in behavior could bring to people, especially couples like us, so we decided to create Bagby. Truth be told, we haven’t brought our phones back in the bedroom since.

Bagby helped us to reconnect, be mindful as first-time parents and build a screen-conscious family!


Screen addiction is the biggest consumer epidemic after cigarettes and sugar.

"The Paradox Of Technology"

Technology was supposed to connect us; yet we're more disconnected than ever. Indeed, technology brings us closer to those far away but disconnects us to those next to us. The world has become so small that we don’t pay attention to what is truly in front of us. As it occurs with anything in life, when we are given too much of something, the outcome becomes the opposite. The increase in ‘connection’ seems to be resulting in a parallel increase in ‘disconnection’.

"The Analog Nostalgia"

Immersed in this inundation of current technology, we are becoming the more and more nostalgic of a simpler past time when human connection was valued over social media likes. We want people to return to these simpler times and be conscious of how technology affects them and their relationship with others.

"The Unhealthy Obsession Of Tracking"

The launch of FIBIT (2007) created an unhealthy culture of tracking that have been copied and enhanced by every other app, especially Instagram. Although we believe in the importance of tracking; as human beings, we weren’t born to track every little aspect of our lives. It creates an unhealthy competition by comparison that make us lose sight of the end goal because we focus on the meaningless of the daily number (likes, steps, etc.).

"The Fallacy Of Smart Minimalism"

We love Minimalism; however, there is a fallacy laying deeply within art of decluttering and focusing on the important things. Over the last 10-15 years, while getting rid of many things (notebooks, alarm clocks, maps, photo albums, etc.) we didn’t realize we were giving away our freedom, silently, to our smartphones. This called “SMART” products revolution (everything is connected to your phones) is one of the key reasons why we are so attached to our phones. We decluttered yet we lost our freedom.


Screen addiction is the biggest consumer epidemic after cigarettes and sugar.


We envision a world where digital-free solutions become more common. 
Our solutions are reminders (No apps required) that real connections start the moment we put our smartphones away and we proudly celebrate that.

We want people to use Bagby because they build a meaningful relationship with it. This is the reason we have been handwriting a personal note for each order and we will keep doing that!

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