Bagby Social (PRE-ORDER)

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Our values / commitments to you
Bagby Social is a digital wellness solution to help us put our smartphones away. It's a perfect idea for social gatherings at home, business meeting rooms and it's being used by Yoga and Mindfulness coaches in their classes and mindful parents with their children. 

////// This is PRE-ORDER item and will be delivered by February 15 or refunded. This is why we are offering it at 50% off //////

Approx. Size
We are offering 3 sizes: 
- 3 POCKETS: 2 Individual pockets (Smartphones) + 1 Doble pocket (other electronics, IPad, etc.) 17.5" (12.5" + 5" top) x 10" (L x W) 
Ideal for young couples or roommates sharing an apartment.  

- 5 POCKETS: 4 Individual pockets (Smartphones) + 1 Doble pocket (other electronics, IPad, etc.) 24" (19" + 5" top) x 10" (L x W) 
Ideal for small families and social gatherings at home. 

- 8 POCKETS: 7 Individual pockets (Smartphones) + 1 Doble pocket (other electronics, IPad, etc.)  25" (19" + 6" top) x 15" (L x W) 
Ideal for larger families, social gatherings, meeting rooms and events. 

Material: Premium 100% raw linen, chalkboards, love. 

- Beautifully crafted with premium materials. Made one at a time. 
- Mini chalkboard on each pocket to write the phone's owner. Easy to write and erase. 
- Chalk pencil included. 
- Pockets with covers and closing system.
- Slit in the back for charging purposes.

Current images are for reference purposes and might change.