Digital Minimalism

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"Digital minimalism is a response to the current ultra-connected world led by social media and smart technology. It’s a guiding principle meant to help people question which digital communication tools — and behaviors surrounding the tools — add real value to their existence. I truly love the idea of putting together such as two relevant terms: digital and minimalism. Again, Cal Newport is able to create a digestible version of an extremely complex situation and make a great analogy between smartphones and tobacco."
Juan Sánchez, Co-Founder of Bagby

What is this book about:

Minimalism is the art of knowing how much is just enough. Digital minimalism applies this idea to our personal technology. It's the key to living a focused life in an increasingly noisy world.

Drawing on a diverse array of real-life examples, from Amish farmers to harried parents to Silicon Valley programmers, Newport identifies the common practices of digital minimalists and the ideas that underpin them. He shows how digital minimalists are rethinking their relationship to social media, rediscovering the pleasures of the offline world, and reconnecting with their inner selves through regular periods of solitude. He then shares strategies for integrating these practices into your life, starting with a thirty-day "digital declutter" process that has already helped thousands feel less overwhelmed and more in control.

Technology is intrinsically neither good nor bad. The key is using it to support your goals and values, rather than letting it use you. This book shows the way.

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