How to break up with your phone

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"We know personally the author Catherine Price who we think is doing a great job. She is not only raising awareness of the smartphone addiction problem but providing with tested strategies and tips to help us build a better relationship with our phones. 
This book has been largely featured in the main headlines and has been already translated in several languages."
Juan Sánchez, Co-Founder of Bagby

What is this book about:

Packed with tested strategies and practical tips, this book is the essential, life-changing guide for everyone who owns a smartphone.
Is your phone the first thing you reach for in the morning and the last thing you touch before bed? Do you frequently pick it up “just to check,” only to look up forty-five minutes later wondering where the time has gone? Do you say you want to spend less time on your phone—but have no idea how to do so without giving it up completely? If so, this book is your solution. 

Award-winning journalist Catherine Price presents a practical, hands-on plan to break up—and then make up—with your phone. The goal? A long-term relationship that actually feels good.

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