Mochi Robot: Lego-Compatible, Screenless Coding for Ages 3-6

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"It's 100% screen less, biodegradable and offers a digital-free alternative to tech focused learning

Noor Boulos, Co-Founder of Bagby


Teach children coding while exploring 12 different subjects through hours of interactive, hands-on play. 100% screen-free. 100% fun.  

  • Mochi engages your child in computing and problem-solving through hands-on code, interactive storytelling, and DIY assembly.
  • Mochi engages and focuses your child for longer, improving their concentration and patience, helping them solve challenging problems later in life.
  • Mochi’s robot is fully compatible with LEGO and is the perfect platform for the budding engineer and artist. Your child can experiment with hands-on DIY. 
  • Mochi is made from 100% natural, biodegradable wood-based materials, to ensure your child’s safety now and inspire sustainable values for a lifetime.

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