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Forget about complicated and expensive apps. Set your Phone-Free / No Phone zones and times at home, in your bedroom, unplugged wedding, office, during family dinners or in your outdoor patio in style. Made of lightweight but resistant Japanese wood, these tech-free signs are simple, mindful and easy to use. 
Flip the sign to enjoyed some quality unplugged time!

Phone Free zone sign wood

- 100% Digital and Tech-Free. 
- V
ery lightweight but resistant wood. Excellent weight/strength ratio.
- 2 different sides ("Phone Allowed" vs "Phone-Free Zone") to help you decide the right times / moments.  
- Easy to carry or place anywhere.
- Easy to understand for children and parents. 
- Indoor / Outdoor use. This wood 
is not affected by humidity and moisture and has a natural resistance to termites.
- Home decor element. 
- White washed finishing.
- Natural and rustic rope for easy hanging. 

Origin: Handmade in Japan.
Approx Size:
Inches: 12" x 4.75" (L x W)
Cm: 30 x 12 (L x W)
Material: Paulownia wood. It's a very lightweight but resistant wood. 
In the face of rising demands for timber and dwindling forests, it provides an optimal, environmentally friendly and sustainable source of lumber.
For Decades Japanese Craftsmen have utilized this revered wood in ceremonial furniture, footwear (clogs), musical Instruments, decorative moldings or laminated structural beams.

Every Bagby item is nicely wrapped in eco-friendly (100% Recyclable, 100% Biodegradable) kraft paper "made in The USA" and comes with a personal handwritten note. ( We are human )

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