The Warbler, The World’s Most Effective and Sustainable Massage Roller

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"Personally, I've always used rollers and I use them everyday for stretching and pain release. What I love specially about The Warbler is the sustainable aspect and simplicity. I love the fact It's made of 100% sustainable cork from Spain and Portugal. 
This is a great solution to build core stability and improve balance.

Juan Sánchez, Co-Founder of Bagby

Approx Size: 

18x5 inch
3 pounds

Material: 100% sustainable cork from Spain and Portugal. 


The Warbler has special ridges that connect with the contours of your body to hit all the right trigger points to loosen up knots and restore soft tissues and muscles back to their original form. Similar to a deep tissue massage, the high density cork material helps apply the right amount of pressure on stiff muscles to help aid in relaxing and releasing tension.

The Warbler’s dense cork material also allow it to maintain its shape— even after heavy use during yoga class or any fitness workout.

Whereas foam rollers contain harmful chemicals that are not great for your skin or the planet, Cork is antimicrobial, with 98.6% of bacteria killed upon impact. Cork contains a waxy substance, called Suberin, which exists as a barrier between the cork and outside fragments such as dust or hair. It naturally repels bacteria from its surface, leaving the roller safe to use and beautifully smooth at all times.

Working out feels great on the body, but all that sweat can also be gross. It’s great to know that your roller won’t be storing those toxins.

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