Zucklight - Sleep Box, Wireless Charger, Air Quality System

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"We haven't tried it yet but we are happy to see someone like Mark Zuckerberg taking this step towards digital wellness and sleep hygiene. I personally like the fact that this item gathers all 3 key functionalities: Sleep Box, Wireless Charger, Air Quality System."

Juan Sánchez, Co-Founder of Bagby

Sleep box Facebook

Sleep box FacebookApprox Size: 

5" x 5" x 3 1/8"


  • Wood.
  • 3 colors.


  • Concept by Mark Zuckerberg. Sleep box that emits faint light to let you know whether it’s okay time to get up or go back to sleep. 
  • 3 in 1: Sleep Box, Wireless Charger, Air Quality System.
  • The sleep box emits a faint light of a certain color during specific periods of the night to notify whether you can go back to sleep or it’s time to wake up. So if you happen to wake up at midnight and see the light isn’t glowing, you can return to sleep without having to check the time. The wake-up time is the glowing light time.
  • Specially important for Moms.

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