This is a detailed list of media that has featured Bagby. They are awesome!

StartTribune Bagby
2020 | Interview
Benevolent Health
2019 | Podcast
Cool mom picks podcast Bagby

Marriage Therapy Radio
2019 | Podcast

Cool Mom Picks
2019 | Podcast
Rachel Ray Show alarm clock
Digital Detox

Rachael Ray Show
2019 | Video TV

National Life Group
2019 | April Article

Freedom App Bagby
Bustle How to use Bagby and reconnect

Freedom App
2018 | November Interview
2018 | October Blog post

2018 | February Article

How to break with your phone Bagby
Bagby Good article New Zealand
How to Break Up With Your phone
2018 | January Interview

Good Magazine
2017 | November Article

The Pursuit of Mindfulness Bagby
Healthy Fit Moms
The Pursuit of Mindfulness
2017 | September Article

Healthy Fit Fab Moms
2018 | February Review

Simple mindfulness Bagby
Bagby article KM
Simple Mindfulness
2017 | September Article
Kristin McGee
2017 | December Gift Guide


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