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Digital Wellness with a Human Soul

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Start with the bedroom

99% of people still use their phone as an alarm clock, affecting negatively the quality of their sleep (Bagby, 2017). Start with the bedroom. Create a phone-free sanctuary and wake up more refreshed. A distraction-free sleep will impact your day positively.

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The Sleep Epidemic

The Productivity Outbreak

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The Human Relationships Crisis

The Big Disconnect Between Parents and Children


- Embrace digital wellness -
- Fall asleep faster and deeper - 
- Improve mood in the morning -  
- Decrease anxiety -
- Boost focus, attention and productivity -
- Connect meaningfully with your loved ones - 

Now, test your Digital Wellness Knowledge and win a mindful reward.

"The black bags are really cute - even my outdoor sportsman husband was pumped to pick out a spot for our "cell phone sleeping bags"! Very great customer service, awesome little company."

- Jobell12 - (Verified buyer)

"I love my new alarm clock! Straightforward, elegant design. Works like a charm.  I'd been trying to find a way to get my cell phone out of the bedroom and this was it -- a simple, return-to-basics solution.
It even arrived with a thoughtful, encouraging, handwritten note."

- Melanieinthesky - (Verified buyer)

"I absolutely love this product! Who would have thought a cute handmade bag would make such a difference in my life. I love how the Bagbys help you become less distracted, and more productive not just in personal life at home but also at work too. I keep one at work and one at home."

- Vanessa Tran - (Verified buyer)

"A home décor gadget / mindful reminder that meaningful connections start the moment we disconnect and celebrate being human"

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