5 reasons why an alarm clock is good for your mental health

5 reasons why an alarm clock is good for your mental health

Your mental health starts at home, specifically in your bedroom. Setting up a positive and mindful bedtime routine is key to have a productive day. 

Here are 5 reasons why an alarm clock is good for your mental health:

    1. Alarm clocks help you stick to a regular sleep routine. Our internal biological clocks benefit from waking up at the same time every day. Using an alarm clock might help you maintain a consistent schedule and regulate your sleep patterns.

  1. Being perpetually plugged in is not good for your mental or physical health. Using an alarm clock helps you develop a key skill in this tech-driven world which is to feel more comfortable leaving your phone or not feeling the need to check it every time. Since you haven't rely on your phone to wake up, you won't feel the need to rely on it all day long.

  2. Sleeping at night and waking up in the morning at the same time every day helps keep your circadian rhythm to run smoothly. Circadian rhythm is a hormone that determines sleep. Following a regular pattern and waking up to the alarm every morning will leave you refreshed in the morning and rid you of all the tiredness you felt the previous day.

  3. Apple is being urged to scrap the multiple alarms on iPhones as experts warn the feature can be “detrimental” to your mental health. Why? Smartphones allow us to easily set up multiple alarms. You’re essentially multiplying the assault on your brain and body each time your alarm goes off by repeating the impact on your autonomic nervous system each time you’re awoken.

  4. You will stop checking Instagram and social media first thing in the morning. So by having an alarm clock, you can literally detach yourself, just for those few hours before bed and in the morning. That is a positive thing and a good thing that will set up your mood for the rest of the day. 

Have you ditched your phone and replaced it for an alarm clock yet? Leave a comment to share your experience on how an alarm clock has improved your mental health

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