2022 goals

Bagby's 2022 goals and resolutions

Bagby's 2022 goals and resolutions
2021 has been a challenging year for everyone but YOU made it a great one.

We wanted to THANK YOU for being there, for keeping us motivated to continue growing and working hard while pursuing our mission. We are aware there is a long way to go but when you are next to us, everything seems possible.

Goals are set and the team is ready for an even greater 2022. Please, join the conversation, share your feedback, invite your friends and stay tuned because there are many new surprises to come! Let’s make, together, the world a more HUMAN place. 

Before we go into our 2022 goals, I would like to share with you some of the key milestones we achieved in 2021. 






We believe that all companies should be more than just a product. This means that we are not only focusing on doing right by our consumers and developing great products, but that we work on initiatives that bring value to the community we serve, the industry we belong to, the planet we source from and the bigger problem we are trying to solve.

We are part of an ecosystem and as such, we want to play a key role.  In 2022, we are working on key areas beyond our online store (community, sustainability, resources, etc.)


In 2021, we managed to remove plastic by 90% in our shipping materials and made all our our new products from recycled plastic bottles and other sustainable materials (wood, bamboo, etc.).

Also, we took the first steps forward to become a Certified B Corporation; a kind of business that balances purpose and profit.

This is an example of the sustainable contribution mark we have added across all our products. 

In 2022
, we are joining a sustainable program to plant trees and give back 1% of our profits to projects that help preserve our planet and reduce carbon emissions. 



We want to do good. We want to help everyone to raise awareness of tech addiction and inspire communities to become more mindful.

In 2021 we launched our "Digital Detox Heroes", a new TRIBE of people who have taken it upon themselves to unplug and inspired others to switch the narrative to a mindful and more human use of technology. 

In 2022
, we are creating the world's first digital wellness support groups. We called it "Digital Detox SUNSETS" and it will sit at the core of our brand strategy.



We dream of a world where solutions that help us unplug become more common.
In 2021, we partnered with key organizations such as Faire.com, QVC, Uncommon Goods to offer our solutions. 

In 2022, we are increasing the number of marketplaces and retailers that will carry our solutions. We are working to make our solutions available in places like WholeFoods, Trader Joe's or EarthHero.


Please, join the conversation, send us feedback, talk to us. We are here to make this world a more HUMAN place and we want to do it together!

Here is a little SECRET!

Stay tuned, we are launching (very soon) Bagby MAT, a desktop pad mindfully designed to help you increase your focus and productivity and help you work distraction-free. It features a non-slip back made of cork, a soft and cushioned front with an additional special pocket to hide your phone while working. 

Bagby Mat

Thank you for keeping us HUMAN!

Bagby CEO
Juan Sánchez
CEO & Co-Founder of Bagby

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