Digital Wellbeing in 2024: Trends and Predictions

Digital Wellbeing in 2024: Trends and Predictions

The world of tech is constantly evolving, and with the rise of Ai and another technologies, the topic of digital wellbeing continues to grow in importance. As we move into 2024, there are several trends and predictions that are shaping the future of digital wellbeing.

    1. Private Community-Based Wellbeing Platforms Grow As A Consequence Of Social Media Fatigue.
      People will stop looking for wellbeing advice on social media and influencers. Instead, we will see a shift towards more useful private online communities and platforms, where users can share experiences, support each other, and access resources for maintaining a healthy relationship with technology. We will experience a growth of Reedit-like platforms where video and "perfect" images are replaced by text and problem-solution specific content.

    2.  AI-Powered Personalized Wellbeing Apps.
      Ai is everywhere now. Most tools we are using have already added Ai capabilities. This trend will also impact wellbeing apps, especially when it comes to personalize digital wellbeing solutions based on individual habits, preferences, and mental health needs.

    3. E-Captcha Comes Back In Fashion.
      CAPTCHAs have been around for decades, but new AI advances are changing the methods required to prove you are a real person. We will see this technology bringing some new features and making a comeback. If you are a nostalgic; get ready!

    4. Quick Breaks From Technology.
      Most social media companies have already added this type of feature to their platforms (TikTok, Instagram, etc.) We will see this trend growing along 2024 as a quick fix for the increase of screen time across the planet.
    5. Improving Sleep Continues To Be Key.
      We will see a growth of apps providing insights and recommendations for improving sleep quality. However, most users will find these complicated or not necessary as they take them away from the main outcome: sleeping better.

    6. VR and AR Applications Become Popular For Mindfulness and Meditation practices. After being implement in other industries like travel or retail, these new technologies will enhance our mindfulness practices; taking them to a new immersive and experiential level. 

    7. Digital Wellbeing Becomes An Important Subject Taught in Schools. 
      Students, especially from Middle School onwards, will start learning digital wellbeing tools and education programs about healthy technology usage and promote a balanced digital lifestyle. Educators will take part of these programs, too. 

    8.  Wearables Enter The Mental Health Market.
      Expansion of wearables beyond physical health tracking to include features that monitor and support mental health, such as stress levels, anxiety, and mood tracking.

    9. Tech Companies Listening To Consumers Finally Becomes Regulated. After years taking this privacy concern as a "fun" myth, governments will put an end and regulations will become stronger. Alexa and other smart products will take a toll. 

    10. Consumers Lose Faith in Big Tech Companies To Make The World A Better Place. After decades of hearing the same pitch from Tech companies ("To make the world a better place"); many consumers will look for lower-tech alternatives to solve daily problems. Some will bring back some old items that once were forgotten in a drawer. 

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