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No Nellie, Screen-Time hasn't won the battle yet.

No Nellie, Screen-Time hasn't won the battle yet.

Coronavirus is changing everything but especially our relationship with technology and how we are all trying to cope with the lack of human contact. Nellie Bowles's declaration in The New York Times “Coronavirus Ended the Screen-Time Debate. Screens Won.” is definitely WRONG - or at least how Arianna Huffington describes it, premature. Yes, our screens have revealed themselves to be invaluable conduits of the human connections we need and crave. And sure, many of us, facing day after day indoors, are loosening our rules about screen time; plenty of parents, understandably, have thrown in the towel. As Nellie Bowles writes, “Now I have thrown off the shackles of screen-time guilt. My television is on. My computer is open. My phone is unlocked, glittering. I want to be covered in screens. If I had a virtual reality headset nearby, I would strap it on.” She’s right that we shouldn’t judge ourselves for finding comfort and connection in our screens. But the concluding quote in her piece shows why the declaration of victory for screens is so premature. As Epic's creative director Jon Steinberg puts it: “Weirdly, Gen Z could come out of this with a permanent, lifelong, forged-in-disaster appreciation for physical connections over digital ones.” 

"I believe it's is kind of the other way around. It will be the end of Coronavirus that will define who is the winner." - Juan S. Co-Founder of Bagby


Once all this is over, we should all ask ourselves the following question: Are we all going to remain on our screens all day long, or are we going to run to hug our loved ones, fill the bars, go for a coffee with friends or fill the parks and trails? I feel Coronavirus will show how humanity, again, will win the battle over technology. 

This is WHY our MISSION is to reduce people's screen time while increasing their HUMAN time; but Our VISION is to celebrate humanity over technology. 

Screen time vs human time

So, I agree Nellie, we should start worrying because some people have already started to prefer screens over reality or a comment over a conversation. However, humanity will beat Coronavirus as we together have overcome any problem, pandemic or disaster. This is what makes us HUMAN. We are social creatures and our habitat is out there hugging, observing, touching, communicating with nature, and using our most powerful camera, our FIVE SENSES.


Human camera

Stay healthy, safe, optimistic but most important, remain HUMAN!

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