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The Dumbphone Show: Human Time with Bagby CEO, Juan Sanchez

The Dumbphone Show: Human Time with Bagby CEO, Juan Sanchez

It's time to rediscover human time!
Our CEO, Juan Sanchez was invited to Podcast "The DumbPhone Show" to talk about digital minimalism, his experiences and the challenges behind the creation of Bagby and how to recover digital wellbeing with a human soul.

Among other topics, Juan Sanchez focuses on 2 important thoughts:

1- "The Unhealthy Obsession Of Tracking"

The launch of FIBIT (2007) created an unhealthy culture of tracking that has been copied and enhanced by every other app, especially Instagram.  Although we believe in the importance of tracking, as human beings, we weren’t born to track every little aspect of our lives. It creates an unhealthy competition by comparison that makes us lose sight of the end goal because we focus on the meaningless of the daily number (likes, steps, etc.).

tracking likes is unhealthy

2- "The Fallacy Of Smart Minimalism".

We love Minimalism; however, there is a fallacy that lies deep within the art of decluttering and focusing on the important things. Over the last 10-15 years, while getting rid of many things (notebooks, alarm clocks, maps, photo albums, etc.) we didn’t realize we were silently giving away our freedom to our smartphones. This “SMART” products revolution—everything is connected to your phones—is one of the key reasons why we are so attached to our phones. We decluttered, yet we lost our freedom.

The fallacy of digital minimalism

Also, if you haven't seen our last "Home Experiment" with Kids and Screens, don't miss out!

Kids screens home experiment

I hope you enjoy the podcast! Please share your thoughts below!

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