2019 Digital Wellness / Wellbeing Report



We are thrilled to bring you the first and most updated collaborative paper with a focus on Digital Wellness and the benefits of unplugging from our digital devices. 

The title "Phones OFF, Conversations ON" brings to life the idea of the need for unplugging and being present to have a real and deep conversation about this topic.

The format is very easy to digest and brings a personal and human perspective from top leaders and pioneers in the industry. We have carefully selected a diverse and enriching group of people from tech engineers, mindful teachers, entrepreneurs, to therapists, artists, writers and retreat owners, to share some key tips, what they are doing for the greater good and what is their vision of the industry in the next five years. Also, the people featured come from different parts of the world including, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland. Along with their recommendations, this report features eye-popping pieces of research and stats to raise the awareness of a topic that is becoming the third biggest epidemic after sugar and cigarettes in the last fifty years.

The goal of this collaborative paper is to join forces to show the world how different people can work together towards a common objective. This goal goes beyond generating profit and can have a positive impact on people who, like us, went through a wake-up call, depression, a negative experience or who are trying launch an idea to make a change in the ultra-connected society we live in.



Enjoy the read and feel free to share it with friends, colleagues or family members who might need some help or encouraging to unplug and reduce their screen time.