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We are group of innovators, marketers and digital wellness professionals fully committed to the "digital wellbeing" cause.

  • Are you involved in Corporate Health & Well-being in your organization and would like to explore group packages and solutions for business?

  • Are you  an mindfulness event planner and would like to incorporate Bagby in the welcome pack or as a gift for visitors?

  • Are you an digital wellness entrepreneur or you own a digital wellbeing idea that you would like to launch or take to the next level?

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Our SERVICES include:

  • Custom products and solutions. We offer full customization of our products to match your brand look & feel (colors, logo, messaging, packing, etc.)

  • Digital wellness consulting to identify barriers and opportunities to increase your human force performance and your business productivity.  

  • Marketing, communications and content strategy + materials to embrace digital wellness and make your business more "human-friendly".