Bagby "No More Phubbing Bands" - Biodegradable (Set of 2)

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“Phubbing” —the habit of snubbing someone in favour of a mobile phone may not be part of our everyday vocabulary, but it’s certainly part of our everyday life. How often, a great potential conversation turned into a superficial one because a friend, a family member, a colleague or yourself, pulled out a smartphone and decided that social media was more interesting?

This new phenomenon may seem relatively harmless, but research shows that it may be hurting our relationships and causing attention and focus problems. 

No phones in museums

We are not against technology and smartphones but we want to create solutions that don't necessarily add more tech. 

This item comes with 2 Phone "No More Phubbing" Bracelets / Bands ( 1 White + 1 Turquoise Pastel. As shown in the photos below). You can use one for yourself and give one to that friend / partner / colleague / family member you would love to unplug and have a great conversation with.
This is the IRing / Phone ring antithesis and your first step to digital minimalism. 

How to use
1- Remove the Bagby Phubbing band(s) from the display card.
2- Place it around your phone.
3- Feel free to call out a friend, colleague or family member and put another band on theirs.
4- Look Up and enjoy a mindful and phubbing-free conversation or a distraction-free moment.

Approx Size. It fits any phone. 

Material: Made of Bamboo, 100% biodegradable.  

This is
 item in collaboration with Photographer & Artist Ritzo Ten Cate ("Caught in the App").

Ritzo Ten Cate

How to stop phubbing

Caught In The App is a photo series that started back in 2016 and has captured hundreds of faces since. 

Today, the artist has shifted from primarily photographing to inviting students from high schools to do 'photographical research on our relationship with smartphones' to spread the word and increase awareness of the issue. 

Giving Back: For each set sold, you are contributing $1 to support photographer & artist Ritzo Ten Cate to continue the "Caught in the App" project and develop his new journey to schools. Use #CaughtintheApp to share your "No More Phubbing" Bands!

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