10 advertising campaigns tapping on the smartphone addiction issue

Smartphone addiction is not a fad, neither a trend. It is a fact and some of the largest brands have already based their campaigns on this growing insight: People are increasingly attached and addicted to their digital devices. 

1- GEICO - 'Smartdogs' to Tackle Distracted Driving (2019)

2- REMARKABLE: Get your brain back (2018)

 3- VRBO: Count What Really Counts (2019)

 4- OGILVY - "The Phone Wall" Smartphones Divide Families (2015)

5- MACQUARIE "Phubbing: A Word Is Born" // McCann Melbourne (2014)

6- IKEA (Spain) - Christmas 

7- WINDOWS : The perils of smartphone addiction (2012)

8- COMMON SENSE MEDIA: #DeviceFreeDinner - Cat Filter Extended (2017)

9- ORANGE (spain) - No phones on the table (2018)

10- HUAWEI - Addicted to you 

Check out our last post for Smartphone addiction and Digital Wellness stats, research and facts.

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