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5 mind-blowing images about phone addiction

5 mind-blowing images about phone addiction
A picture is worth a thousand words, specially in the current instagram driven society. Here below you can find 5 amazing and relevant images that will grab your attention about this issue and how real they seem. 

1-  Phones as our new "night snack". 

This is one of my favorites and was recently released. Simply bold! 

2- Phones are the new cigarettes. 
For some people, smoking is stupid; for others, our phones are making us dumb. What do you think is worst? 

3- Who is controlling who?

Conor Dougherty, a technology reporter for The New York Times used this image in one of his articles. Words are not needed. 


how to unplug from my phone

4- Is Technology make us free?

Artist Jean Julliean grabs our attention with this great illustration about the relationship between technology and freedom. 

Jean Jullien phone addiction

5- Social media is a trap. 

I saw this same illustration with other items like credit cards, love, etc. but I truly like this one. 
Social media is a trap

Do you have any more images? Pls share them in the comments

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