How much of our free time is wasted on screens. Here is the shocking number

This is an interesting as well as a tricky question. Technology and digital screens have become part of our lives so it wouldn't be relevant to hide the issue. 

We like the way, Psychologist Adam Alter, studies how much time screens steal from us and how he compares it with other key and primary activities like sleeping, eating or working. It's amazing how our free time is mostly spent on screen while this time is what make as real human beings and social individuals ( "white box" vs "red box"). The problem becomes more dangerous as it has almost tripled in 10 years.  

How much screen time is good

Adam also splits phone apps in two categories: those that makes us happy and those that do exactly the opposite. Well, we are spending three times longer on those apps that make us unhappier. 
what's the average time spent on our phones? 

Watch full Adam Alter's TED Talk here

How much of our free time is wasted on screens is indeed shocking number.

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