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Digital Detox Heroes of the Month - Jan 2020

Digital Detox Heroes of the Month - Jan 2020

Doing a full digital detox every Sunday has truly changed the way I face both the end and the beginning of the week. This makes me feel more relaxed and focused. I use all that new HUMAN time to be present with my family; my amazing wife and my inspiring daughter. Also I'm going to become dad again in April 2020 so I want to be as present as I can be. 

Besides that, what motivates us to put together this initiative is the switch in behavior that we've seen on Instagram recently. We see more and more brave people taking the courage to do a digital detox and feeling proud about it. This was unthinkable a couple of years ago but today, it's a cool and inspiring thing to be congratulated for. 
We believe digital detox is an act of courage and for such, we want to help these brave people to reach out to more people and raise awareness of it. This is a beautiful move and the smile in their faces is a clear result of it.  


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The last two weeks I’ve been trying to see if I’ve been using social media responsibly and in a way that fulfills me...the short answer is no, I haven’t. I did a digital detox day last week and the purpose of this post is to hopefully encourage everyone who reads this, to pick a day and forget about social media. Every time I do one I’m always blown away not only by how much more productive I am in a day, but also by how much more relaxed and centered I am. It’s important for me to engage and connect with everyone, but I’ve put so much pressure on myself to answer every DM and I’ve realized it’s not sustainable or healthy for me. I have made the hard decision to turn off the option to directly reply to my stories, since that was the reason for most DMs, and it has already made a huge difference with how much time I spend on here. I also noticed there is a very short superficial “high” I get from seeing how many messages I’ve received and it got me thinking about the long term effects that could possibly have on me. I love connecting with you all on here and am grateful to all of you that engage with me on a daily basis! I’m going to make an effort to do more Q&A’s and live sessions so any questions you all have can be answered in a less time consuming way for me 🙏 *Anyone can still DM me, you just have to go to my page and click message 👍🏼 . . . #socialmedia #digitaldetox #mentalhealth #consciousness #mindfulness #selflove #boundaries #wellness #healthylifestyle

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#SELFCARE ❣️Social media is a tool I need to earn a living, but there are times when I wish for simpler days when we didn't have to do things for the online world, you know what I mean😕 In 2019 I promised myself that I would take #worklifebalance seriously, & disconnect from the online world to connect with those around me. I started taking my weekends off, & started taking short trips to places that had been on my #bucketlist for a long time🚗 I started #reading, writing more, & attended a lot of fun events while I took time off🥰 It was an overwhelming start, but I realised what true self-care could really do to a person. Sharing some pointers from my self care checklist with you, hoping that it will help you too- to reduce #anxiety, improve productivity & creativity & also help bond with those close to you❣️ . . . 📵 Switch on the DND mode between 8:30pm-9am daily if you can . . . 📵Take weekends off if you can. Add your work timings to your email signatures, change your DP to say out of office for the weekend, anything! But make sure you establish your boundaries . . . 📵 Keep your phone away 30min before you sleep . . . 📵Get to your phone 30min after you've woken up, not before that . . . 📵Make use of the #DigitalWellbeing feature on your phones! A huge shoutout to @googleindia for getting this conversation started #FliptoShhh . . . 📵Treat yourself : to extra sleep, a coffee date, books, time with friends, movies with family, anything! . . . 📵Keep your phone away at parties: focus on your shenanigans with your people! . . . 📵Workout, stay active, walk around if you can't think of a way to workout! . . . 📳(Note-If you worry about friends/family needing you, save them to your ‘favourite contacts’ & you'll be able to receive their calls on DND mode too) . . . Try these small things & you'll realise how your phone prevents you from doing such basic tasks- & you'll learn to take your time off the internet more seriously💁‍♀️ I’d love to hear your self-care rules so pop them in the comments 👇 . . . #dumbbellsanddrama #teampixel #pune #mumbai #freelance #freelancelife #freelancer #digitalnomad #digitaldetox #travel #womenandambition #womenwhotravel

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4 hours a day (avg.) we spend on these 😲 that's 60 DAYS a year on our phones! It's a new month so let's try this July to change those #digital habits that are keeping us plugged into the #matrix but feeling like shit💩Every day this week I'll share a tip to help create a more sane relationship with the screen🤳 ⁠ . Give me a #hellyeah if you're in!🤙⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #balancedlifestyle #healthyhabits #unplug #screentime #phoneaddict #digitaldetox #socialmediadetox #bewell #disconnectoreconnect #mindful #nophonezone #selfie #nosocialmedia #digitalminimalism #socialmediabreak #offline #selfcare #healthyliving #getunstuck #stressrelief #getyoursparkback #workplacewellness #worklifebalance #melatonin #tipoftheday #healthytips #wellnesstips

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Have you done recently a digital detox or are you planning to do so soon? Let us know. We would love to share your experience.

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