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Mindful Activities For Parents Working From Home With Children Craving Screen Time

Mindful Activities For Parents Working From Home With Children Craving Screen Time

Amid the COVID-19 uncertainty, we are all going to, unfortunately, spend more time online. The situation gets more complicated for parents as schools are closed so now we have our children at home craving for more screen time. Digital parenting is now more challenging than ever. 

This list aim to help other parents like me, reduce our family's screen time, and more importantly, increase our HUMAN TIME, that quality time we spend together. If you are working from home, make sure family meals are enjoyed without screens.

1- Track your children Screen Time.

It's normal that your kids are spending more screen time, above all if you are working from home. Don't let this crisis to get the situation out of hands and download this print-ready screen time tracker. It's free for limited time only. 

No apps required, it's 100 tech-free!

2- Do a review of your 2020 goals and adjust as needed.  

We are aware these goals might have changed a bit due to the current situation. Take this crisis as an opportunity to adjust them and become stronger.

"Let's use this valuable time to reconnect with our families and loved ones"

2- Meditate at home.

Meditation can help you overcome any negative situation. Youtube offers thousands of meditation sessions that you can watch and practice. If you are beginner, don't stress, start with a 5-10 minutes meditation and increase as needed.

Photo by Form on Unsplash

4- Make a list of tech-free activities that you always wanted to start.

This is the perfect moment to do so as, unfortunately, we are all going to spend more screen time. Whether it's for work, fun or something else, take this moment as an opportunity to set boundaries and rules. Working from home can be very hard if you don't learn how to disconnect and separate family and work time.

5- Don't forget about the elderly.



6- Supplement homeschooling has put together a compelling list of resources that can help you navigate this crisis. It includes tools and advice for virtual learning, resources for digital citizenship and well-being and parent support for learning at home.


7- Protect your children against too much screen time.

Television at home, video games with friends, tablets in the classroom, computers to learn… the list goes on and on, even more during this health crisis with the schools closed. 

It's time for a more conscious consumption of technology and that’s why we empower parents, uncles, and everyone that has children around to enable them to learn and live more comfortably and productively in front of the screens.

Stay at home, stay safe.

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