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I'm a Screen Time Coach

I'm a Screen Time Coach
Very interesting article in The New York Times by @nelliebowles about how now some families are hiring coaches to help them raise phone-free children. We do believe we need more people with this expertise. The issue has became a reality and the more and more people (specially parents) are demanding a Screen Time Coach or Consultant. 

What are the skills that a Screen Time Coach must have?

- Expertise and deep knowledge in Digital Wellness / Digital Wellbeing.
- Experience in unplugging, retreats and mindfulness
- Therapist. psychologist or coach background. 
Data-driven mindset. 
- Design-Based thinking & planning. A Screen Time Coach should approach problems from a user-centred perspective. This approach essentially encourages us to think in a human-centred way when solving large-scale complex problems.

We are currently working on a system that will allow you to share your Screen Time Stats for a FREE diagnosis

Screen Time Coach

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