Arianna Huffington: Your phone doesn’t have to be your alarm

sleep deprivation

It's amazing how the more and more we see celebrities, speakers and well-known people joining this Digital Wellness movement. 

One of the first people talking about the sleep deprivation problem was speaker, Simon Sinek. His message was clear and inspired us to create our digital free and silent alarm clock. 

Today, it's Arianna Huffington who, with her 
distinctive personality and human charisma raises the topic again. 

"Every time I tell people not to charge their phones by their bed, I get the same response: but my phone is my alarm! And my response to that response: your phone doesn’t have to be your alarm —you can just buy an actual alarm clock. Problem solved!" @arrianahuf


Here is a great advice; start with the bedroom, a place that, if you think about it, should be a distraction-free sanctuary. Start your Sleep Revolution with this mindful and simple tip today.

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