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Reduce Your Family’s Screen Time and Enjoy Phone-Free Meals During these Holidays

Reduce Your Family’s Screen Time and Enjoy Phone-Free Meals During these Holidays

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According to a survey by the organization ParentsTogether, nearly half of the respondents’ children currently spend more than six hours per day online, whereas only 8.29% of children were before. 26% of kids spend more than 8 hours online compared to 4% previously. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages screen use before the age of 18 months and recommends one hour per day of quality programming for 2- to 5-year-olds, as well as consistent limits for older children. Despite these recommendations, we are aware that both children and parents often spend more time in front of devices than the recommended limit, and children are becoming addicted to smartphones early on.

A Home Experiment That Reveals The Issue Of Screen Overuse

Benefits of Babgy’s Better Screen Time Family Set 

This Better Screen Time Family Set is a hanging multi-pocket phone and tablet holder mindfully designed for family moments and social gatherings to help you reduce your screen time. Each holder:

  • Is 100% digital free (No apps required).
  • Is handmade using recycled materials and is vegan.
  • Holds 6 phones and 1 tablet.
  • Includes a chalk pencil, mini chalkboard name tags, and 1 eraser to write the phone’s owner.
  • Comes with a top pocket to name your unplugged session.

How to reduce screen time

I hope that this product will be a physical reminder to minimize screen time when you hang it. By taking steps to decrease your screen time, you’ll increase your family’s quality time.

Where to Buy Your Better Screen Time Family Set

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Are you ready to start your journey towards mindful screen time? Buy yours today and get these 3 bonuses on us:

  • 1x Printable Screen-Time Tracker (valued at $19.95).
  • 1x “Phone Band” Per Family Member (valued at $15.95).
  • 1x Digital Wellness Report (Valued at $19.95).

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