Bagby SCREEN - Caught in the App Lock Screen

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Person: Caught in the App 1

Customizing your lock screen image is a great way to make sure that when you make it past that lock screen and spend time on your phone, it's the result of a deliberate choice.

This is a digital item in collaboration with Photographer & Artist Ritzo Ten Cate ("Caught in the App"). Caught In The App is a photo series that started back in 2016 and has captured hundreds of faces since. 

Today, the artist has shifted from primarily photographing to inviting students from high schools to do 'photographical research on our relationship with smartphones' to spread the word and increase awareness of the issue. 

How to use: This is a digital version of our Anti-Phubbing bands so you have a reminder in your phone to check your phone less and be more mindful. At the same time, you are helping us spread the Stop phubbing word, increase awareness of the issue and support photographer & artist Ritzo Ten Cate in his new journey to schools. 

- Select the person that inspires you the most. 
- Place the order and we will send you a full ready and resized lock screen image. 
- Download image.
- Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Chose our image > Adjust if needed > Set as Lock Screen > You are all set. 

Includes: each design in 3 sizes to match every phone.