How to share your Screen Time Stats

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You are brave! And we are here to help you and celebrate that courage. 
This guide will allow you to share your Screen Time with us so we can provide with a FREE analysis and diagnosis. Along, we will include a set of easy to implement tips and recommendations to help you reduce your Screen Time numbers. 

What is Screen Time?

Screen Time is Apple's first step in digital wellness. Its goal is to help users better understand how much time we spend on our digital devices, as well as how we can cut back on that time if it's excessive. Screen time both presents real-time data and charts explaining how much you use your iPhone or iPad as well as how you can set limits for your app usage.

1-Where is Screen Time? I can't find that app. 

Where to find my screen time numbers

How to share Screen Time


2- How to I take a screenshot of the SCREEN TIME area I need to Share / Upload for my free diagnosis?

 It's very simple. See the video below. 

How to share Screen Time

Few notes before you start:
- How to take screenshoot varies depending if your phone is an iPhone 8 or earlier or an iPhone X, XS, XS Max or XR.

How to take screenshoot Iphone 8 and 7
How to take a screenshoot Iphone X

- Follow the red mark in the example images to crop your screenshots more accurately. 
- Screenshoots are saved automatically in your Camera Roll or All Photos Album. Look for them and share (upload) with us. 

3- What Screen Time Stats do I need to share / upload.

Bear in mind we are always looking at "Last 7 Days" data so we can make a broader and more compelling diagnosis. These below are the screenshots and data we encourage you to share with you. Don't stress, we only need 5 screenshots to welcome you to a better digital wellness. 

This is the basic summary of your Screen Time data for the last 7 days. This will give us an overview and the big picture of your digital device usage.

Good Screen Time average


2.1 Most Used Apps and Websites
This give us info about what are the apps and websites you spend the most time on. We bet Instagram and other social media rank at the top. 
We recommend to click on "show more" and upload up to the most 10 used apps. By default Screen Time only shows 5-7 but we believe 10 provides with a better overview. 

Screen time free diagnosis

2.1 Most Used Categories
This screen is the same than above but group the apps and website into categories which is a great way to understand where exactly your attention is being driving away. 

how to reduce my Screen Time

It’s the number of times that you have picked up the device to explicitly interact with it. 
As recommended before, click on "Show more" to share as much data as possible in one screenshot. 

Free Screen time consultancy


A notification is a message that is automatically sent to you to tell you there has been activity on one of your apps including social media accounts, email, etc. For example, when someone has commented on something you have written on Instagram.  Seen the busy and ultra connected digital lives we have now, it's very important to learn how to manage these well. 

As recommended before, click on "Show more" to share as much data as possible in one screenshot.

How to reduce notifications on iphone
How to turn off notifications


4- What and how do you analyze the Screen Time data?

We receive all the data and process it manually. No algorithms, no robots, no apps. 
We group apps in 2 groups: 
4.1 Apps that make you happy or unhappy. 
4.2 Apps that are distractions vs Apps that you intentionally use (email, meditation, music. etc).

That's all. Quite simple, right? 
Now, send us a note in the form below to share your Screen Time numbers with us so we can help you improve your digital wellness. It's FREE!

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