It’s time to change sides and embrace digital minimalism

It’s time to change sides and embrace digital minimalism

After the storm, there is always a rainbow; but this rainbow might not look as beautiful and exciting as we think.

Let’s acknowledge something all together here. What we post and how we post on social media has gone too far. Social media has never been as dramatic as today. This obviously will impact content and I feel that what see on social media today and what we will see soon will become rather the opposite. Indeed, the way we behave in real life is becoming to look more like the way we do it in our digital lives. It’s all about filters, checks (✔) ️and judgment before we even introduce ourselves or look in the eyes.

We are going to go from the EGO / SHOWOFF sickness: I’m the best, I’m the MOST beautiful, I’m the coolest, I have the biggest “car”, etc. to something way different.


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You can even find services to make your personal social channels more appealing or even buying a set of beautiful photos to enhance your travel and profiles.

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The new trend on social media content that is taking off will be all about the opposite: “I’ve detoxed from it. I’m doing much better now, look at my “Social Media Rehab” likes and stats”. It’s funny but this image below looks more like a rainbow 🌈 than we think.



The fact is that Google and Apple have already created their own tools (Digital Wellbeing and Screen Time, respectively) to help reduce and manage our digital lives and one day, sooner than later, these boring stats and numbers will become the new cool. 
On the other hand, some of the best-selling authors in the space have already come up their own terms such “digital minimalism”, “phone break up”, etc.

The funny story is that social media platforms like Instagram have created a world that looks more than advertising and expensive commercials than real life. The consequences are going to be gigantic.

Roman Sakovich — digital minimalism

Roman Sakovich — Series of photographs depicting the shocking effects of long-term drug abuse.

That said, I think it’s time for leaders, influencers and human beings to change sides and embrace the human part of the story. I’m IN, are you?

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