Digital Marketing Operations (Ecommerce / Community Building) DM1


Have you lost faith in tech-companies to make this world a better place? Let’s be honest, all these tech companies have made our lives easier but all this convenience has also brought crazy levels of stress, low self-esteem, polarization and other mental, physical and social issues. Should our lives be running by an algorithm created with the only goal of fighting for our attention and increasing profits?

At Bagby, we believe there is a more HUMAN way to overcome the current overwhelming technology and digital dependency (Digital Wellness With a Human Soul). Our mission is to decrease people's screen time while increasing their HUMAN time. Screen time is not about time but what it is replacing: family time, start a new project you always dream of, calling a friend, walks in nature, reading more books, etc.

Currently, we are rebranding and working on a new community-oriented project that aims to aims to become a happy and safe place for youth to talk about screen time & digital wellbeing challenges and celebrate REAL life.

We’re a mission-driven company, inspired every day by the impact we make in people's lives as we help them improve their relationship with their digital devices.
We are growing quickly and updating our brand direction so we are looking for the right people to enjoy this journey with us.


This role focused in 2 key areas:
1- Ecommerce Operations: You will manage and execute our organization’s key branded assets (Online store, social media channels, customer support, logistics liaison, etc.)

2- Subscription Based Community Building: You will help build a NEW community that aims to become a virtual happy and safe place for youth to talk about screen time & digital wellbeing challenges and celebrate REAL life.

For both areas, you will work hand in hand with the founding team and will be influential in shaping our business strategy and ensuring we have the most effective operations.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Managing our stores on Shopify, Etsy and other marketplaces and dropshipping partners (Faire, QVC, Amazon, etc.
  • Leading our human customer service inquiries via Zendesk and maintaining our current 4.7-stars reviews average.
  • Connecting with our logistic team to ensure every order is shipped and well received.
  • Supporting the founding team to build a private community focusing on helping people reduce their screen time.
  • Being active part of the development and launch of a new product in 2024.
  • Running monthly report to monitor and reach targets and KPIs.
  • Support and help the creative team with content review, content guides creation, feedback and brainstorming sessions.
  • Continually developing personal and professional skills, staying on top of emerging trends and industry best practices.
  • Whilst not core to the role, you may also have the skills / potential to manage any of our custom branding projects for other organizations.

Tools to be used:

Shopify, Etsy, Canva, Trello, Zendesk,, Shopify Collabs, Optimonk, PageFly, Rollo, Zoom, Circle.


  • $40k - $50k per annum salary (depending on level of experience)
  • Full-Time
  • Additional bonus (performance, company profit share, custom projects).
  • 2% Retirement match (SEP IRA)
  • Remote friendly: we are a fully-remote organization but you can come to WeWork to work anytime.
  • Flexible working.
  • Unlimited paid leave.
  • Half day Fridays (Laptops, phones shut down by 1pm).
  • International growing team.
  • Work hand in hand with the founding team
  • Working on a “real” environment where your decisions and actions can make an impact. This is not corporate America.
  • Be part of a human-first cause and make a positive impact in our tech-driven society.



We’re accepting applications and interviewing for this position throughout March and April 2024. Ideally, the ideal person would be able to start ASAP. We strongly encourage candidates of all different backgrounds and identities to apply. Bagby is committed to building an inclusive, supportive place for you to do terrific work and be proud of what you’re working on.


  • 1-2 month probation (part-time) + Full time member.
  • Review twice a year.
  • Grow the team across the different key functions (customer service, marketing, content, logistics, etc.) 



    Are you tired of seeing…

    • How technology is controlling us?
    • How Big Tech are manipulating our attention and hacking our brains?
    • How youth is often shamed about tech addiction while most adults spent even more time in their digital devices?
    • How most conversations are not bringing much value to change the current narrative?
    • How tech is becoming more powerful (Ai, VR, etc.) and we are not given the tools to manage them wisely?

    We are looking for someone who is excited about digital wellbeing and feels the need to change the narrative of the current social media / Ai / Algorithm led situation. Tech is great but we need to reclaim our human time.

    You are:

    • Motivated by our mission to increase people’s human time and passionate about making an impact and building a career in the digital wellbeing movement / industry.
    • You are team player and you are not scared of helping with any task even if it’s outside your scope.
    • You are comfortable with a distributed/remote team situation.
    • Positive, energetic, enthusiastic and emphatic.
    • Strategic, with a good vision of how your work contributes to the overall success of the business.


    • 2-4 years ecommerce or digital marketing experience, preferably working on an online store or ecommerce brand.
    • Worked previously in an online startup or small organization.
    • Good knowledge of the Shopify platform / experience working with it.
    • Familiarity with digital marketing tools.
    • Interest and passion about community building, memberships or subscription based businesses.
    • Great organizational skills and attention to detail.
    • Strong written communication skills.
    • Highly motivated, flexible and adaptable nature.
    • Ability to switch gears at a moment’s notice.