We are hiring!

Digital Wellness is growing as an industry. We truly believe this is the industry you want to be in for the next 15-25 years. 

Digital wellness numbers 2020

We are group of innovators, marketers and digital wellness professionals fully committed to the "digital wellbeing" cause

Digital wellbeing jobs opportunities

We are currently looking for results-oriented minded people with interest in the Digital Wellness space. This is a totally NEW space so we value attitudes over aptitudes. Our goal is to help you build your career in an industry that will be leading the way over the next 5 years while you build your network and portfolio. 

  • Are you ready to prove your worth in a totally new but inspiring industry?
  • Are you ready to help people reduce their screen time while increasing their HUMAN TIME?
  • Have you LOST FAITH in tech companies to make this world a better one?



Digital Marketing Operations (Full Time)


Community Manager & Influencer / Ambassador / Affiliate Marketing (ENTRY-LEVEL)

Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Specialist (Part-Time)

Internship in Digital Wellness: Content Creation / Canva Master / Social Media / TikTok

Digital Wellness Job: 
Sales / Retail / Corporate B2B Manager