Today, we have both the research and our own personal observation to back up the smartphone addiction problem. Yet, we wanted to take an additional step forward and create the ULTIMATE PROOF
We decided to test this argument with the person we love the most, our 14-month old daughter. The outcome is SHOCKING.
We decided to build something that could help other parents like us, reduce our family's screen time, and more importantly, increasing our HUMAN TIME

"Too much screen time can have lasting consequences for young  children’s brains, including issues with memory, attention and language skills."

Preventive Medicine Reports, 2018

"Research has linked screen time with an increased amount of sedentary behavior in children and teens which leads to obesity"

Cardiologist and CBS News medical contributor Dr. Tara Narula, 2018

"Parents need to drastically cut kids' screen time. Children until age 5 should be limited to 1 h per day while kids and teens (age 8 to 18) spend an average of more than 7h a day."

American Heart Association & American Academy of Pediatrics, 2019

"Teens who spend more time than average on screen activities are more likely to be unhappy."

National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2016

"Top technology leaders like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates among other confirmed they've restricted or limited their children's screen time."

New York Times, 2017
 Potential side effects are: 
Mental fatigue Screens
Disruption of Sleep Patterns  Screens
Teen depressions screens
Eye strain screens

Introducing Bagby Social, a multi-pocket hanging phone / tablet holder for "smart" parents who are looking for a 100% tech-free solution (no more apps, no more screens).


This is LUNA!

Reduce my Family's Screen Time