Bagby Social - Mindful Phone Holder

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Bagby Social is a hanging PHONE HOLDER mindfully designed for family moments and social gatherings.

Phone holder


Welcome to the #PhoneFreeBedroomChallenge and the new era of digital minimalism. 

  • Holds 4 phones or 6 phones + 1 Tablet
  • Handmade of recycled materials
  • Mindfully designed for family moments and social gatherings
  • Mini chalkboards (name tags) to write down phone's owner
  • Top pocket to name your unplugged session
  • Slit in the back for easy charging 
  • Easy hanging with a premium, durable as well as classic look rope.
  • Home decor element
  • Premium packaging

Includes: 1 Bagby Social, 1 chalk pencil, 4 / 7 mini chalkboard name tags, 1 eraser.

Approx Size:
4 Pockets (Fits any phone)
Inches: 18" x 10.5" (L x W)
Cm: 46 x 27 (L x W) 

6+1 Pockets (First any phone + 1 Pocket for iPad / Tablet)
Inches: 26" x 15.5" (L x W) + the handle 2.5" 
Cm: 66 x 40 (L x W) 

Material: Handmade of recycled materials. 

How to use: 

  1. Find the perfect place to hang your Baby Social.
  2. Invite family, friends or colleagues to unplug.
  3. Place one phone in each pocket.
  4. Use the chalk pencil to write the name of the phone’s owner on the mini chalkboards (removable).
  5. Use the top pocket to name your session. What are you unplugging for today?
  6. Use the slit in the back for easy charging access.
  7. Now, enjoy a mindful conversation and some unplugged time.
  8. Use the eraser to remove the names once you’re done.
  9. Share the unplugged experience with others!

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