Our Escape with GetAway Home

Our Escape with GetAway Home

This year has been challenging for everyone and although, most of us have decided to not take holidays; going in a short and mindful escape to nature and less crowed places it's always a better alternative. 
With stress, burnout and anxiety levels rising, we decided to take one short escape to Asheboro with Getaway. The experience was amazing!

Getaway offer simple escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature for those always on. We loved the brand proposition so we booked and went for 2 nights. The first impression was WOW; the camp is really clean and well put together. Also, this camp is next to the Zoo which was a great activity for the kids. 

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Getaway is really like the camping I used to do with my parents when I was a child but elevated, adapted to the new consumer needs. 
The cabins are beautiful, new, very clean and the huge window is definitely the highlight. 


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These cabins offer a cellphone lockbox so that you can leave your phone and enjoy and connect with nature. I love the idea though I believer we offer something that taking less space is more unique and experiential. 

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What Getaway cabins include:

These cabins are totally new, clean and totally equipped. Only thing missing? a WIFI connection. Well done Getaway!  

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Here are some tips for your Getaway Cabin

    • Book for at least 2 nights. 
    • Don't load too much stuff. Camps are very well located so you will be able to find food and drinks in the nearest town. 
    • Light up the Firepit at night and share stories!
    • Don't worry about parking. Wheels are your best bet to Getaway, and parking is easy—just pull up and park next to your tiny cabin.
    • Don't stress about getting there early. Check-in is at 3pm and won't give you the lock code until 5 min before. If you reach earlier, go take a visit to the closest little town and enjoy simply living. 
    • Take a trip down one of the nearby hiking trails just a short drive away.
    • Truly, take your time to switch off. This is why turning off matters
    • Read the Getting Away Book by its CEO Jon Staff. Its a great guide with 75 simple practices to find balance.

Ready for some time off? 

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