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Why You Should Buy An Alarm Clock [Experiment]

Why You Should Buy An Alarm Clock [Experiment]

"Buy an alarm clock. It will change your life". This is something a lot of people (including top influencers such as Simon Sinek or Catherine Price) have been saying for the last few years. The ...

Adam Alter2019 Digital Wellness Collaborative report

2019 Digital Wellness Collaborative report

We are thrilled to bring you the first and most updated collaborative paper with a focus on Digital Wellness and the benefits of unplugging from our digital devices.  The title "Phones OFF, Conve...

catherine priceHang up the phone, and let’s talk.

Hang up the phone, and let’s talk.

We all live busy lives. Technology has taken over and our smartphones are taking us away from our mindful path.  Recently, Kevin Roose (From The New York Time) acknowledged the smartphone addiction...